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What’s new under the sun? Not another blogger, I know, but please bear with me. I’ve kept a journal for over twenty years and I’ve been reluctant to make the digital transition. It’s not easy. What do I do with all that paper now? Who’s going to support the lumberjacks? And I like pens. I like the feel of one in my hand. I like the tactile effort of writing. This was a big decision.

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Like a Turtle…

After careful consideration, technology has forced my hand. Like a turtle poking out of its shell, I’ve decided to crawl forward on-line. I’m a writer, and writers need a platform, right? If no one winds up reading my blog, I won’t be any worse off than I was before when no one was reading my journal. If a blog appears on the web, and no one reads it…

Introducing Me: Robert Glover, Author
Robert Glover, Author

Introducing Me

Since this is my first blog post, it’s only fair to warn you that I intend to write about my life. No one’s ever done that before, I know.  My wife and I laugh a lot, so I intend to relate some of our funnier stories, and probably embarrass myself in the process. Most of my writing, whether it’s serious, paranormal, science fiction, or fantasy has humor in it, or my version of it – highbrow stuff like aliens slipping on banana peels or ghosts pulling chairs out from under humans.

Besides books and writing, some of my other interests are movies, poetry, and popular culture. I’m also not shy about sharing my opinions on local coffee shops, which is where I spend most of my writing time. I’m shooting for one blog post per week as a minimum and somewhere between three hundred and five hundred words, at least to start.


If you have any suggestions for future articles, leave a note below. Thanks for reading.

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